Yeah, so he actually signed that?

If you believe what Romney says, he is going to do whatever he can to take away gay rights and the right to choose.

Romney is a fucking douchebag

Personally I don’t believe anything Romney says except that he wants to be president, really bad.
In his defense all major republican candidates signed this in 2011.
Sure up the base, lie to them first, then flip flop back to the center.

The guy is an asshole with a bad economic policy.

That’s why I’m voting for Sheen

Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan

Check this site that gives all the details on Mitt Romney’s tax plan:

That’s a pretty well done Fuck You to the Romney camp.

well done sir, well done indeed

Mitt Romney Style

Really well done and choreographed parody video.

this shit is catchy, be warned…

Paul Ryan guy is killing me. so good.

Fuck You Black People, Old People, Poor People and Students

The government is trying to fuck you in your asshole.

Sarah Silverman’s take on the voter ID laws in PA, TN and various other states.

Those mother fuckers can fucking fuck themselves.

Fuck You Tyrants

Ron Paul supporters aren’t happy this morning.

“This is just evidence of the manipulation of the Republican Party. They’re not even allowing us to bring signs in, but they brought in their own [pro-Romney] signs. We couldn’t nominate Ron Paul. The ‘no’ for not passing the rules was louder than the ‘aye’ and they ruled in favor of the rules. They’re cheating. The Republican National Committee is not transparent and does not have integrity. They stole votes. They stole delegates. They refused to send busses for our delegates. It’s a totalitarian process. This is not democracy. It’s a really sad day for us. I’ve worked for Republican candidates since I was 16. We believed the Republican Party had more integrity. Boy, did they prove us wrong.”

Personally I think Ron Paul is a bit to radical, but he does make for interesting debates.

Some things I don’t like about Ron:

Anti-Abortion – he was a doctor and saw some fucked up shit. I don’t blame him for being anti-abortion, but I don’t like it.
End the Fed – the link between money and silver had to be broken.
Budget – Ron believes we can ‘freeze’ things. stop paying and let the problems work themselves out.
Healthcare – Ron says destroy it. The system is flawed and must be eliminated.
Immigration – build a giant wall, end birthright, immigrants are bad, mmmkay
IRS – End it.

You sensing a pattern here? Ron doesn’t believe in the current system at all. He doesn’t think that anything we are doing is right.
He has some points. Maybe if we destroy everything we might be able to rebuild into something better, but personally, that’s some pain I don’t want to go through.

Fuck You Akin

best thing I’ve seen today.

Raging Grannies with a little song for Todd Akin

Legitimate rape is great birth control
So says Todd Akin and he ought to know.

If we are raped we can rest unafraid,
cause we can’t get pregnant if forcibly laid.

Our female bodies are clever that way
We only get pregnant when we say O.K.

Doctors have told him, so it must be so.
The stork only comes if we don’t say no. Continue reading Fuck You Akin