Fuck You Catholic Church and Confession iPhone App

The Catholic Church has given the go-ahead to an iPhone-only Confession app – users wanting actual absolution for their sins will have to see a priest though.

The Catholic Church has joined the 21st Century – it’s just approved a Confession app for the iPhone. Unfortunately, users wanting actual absolution will still have to go and see a priest face-to-face – some things never change!

The app itself is called Confession and once downloaded will guide the user through the confession process. Early ideas for the name of the app included the slightly wordier, “A Priest in Your Pocket.” Nevertheless, Confession should be going live very soon – so keep your eyes peeled for it in the App Store ye’ unrepentant heathens!” – KnowYourMobile.com

I’m sure the Lord sent this idea to the Pope via FaceTime chat.